Monday, June 2, 2014

Social Media Mining with R (Book Review)

The book Social Media Mining with R is a timely text for researchers and practitioners, specially those in social sciences who want to apply the methods of social media mining and learn basic R. The author provided a good balance of theory and step-by-step approach on how to implement different social media mining techniques (e.g. lexicon-based sentiments). However, the book lacks thorough explanation on how to interpret results from the different social media mining techniques.

The book is useful as complementary material. Major books on social media mining and learning R are still necessary.


  1. "Major books on social media mining and learning R are still necessary." What books do you recommend for social media mining? I already have all the R books I need, and I have Bing Liu's "Web Data Mining".

  2. I can recommend "Mining the Social Web" by Matthew A. Russell (Amazon Link)

  3. Mining the Social Web is good and has lots of code.

    Web Data Mining by Lui is good if you like a more applied mathematical treatment.

    Social Media Mining with R is good too if you like R and a balance of each with social theory. ;)

    Thank you for the review!

  4. I've got the second edition of 'Mining the Social Web'. It's in Python, though - not R. It is great. So I guess if I pick this one up I'll have the whole discipline covered. ;-)