Sunday, June 15, 2014

Creating Inset Map with ggplot2

According to one of the reason for using inset map is to provide a reference for an area for unfamiliar readers.  Inset map is also considered a great asset for cartographers.  Most of the GIS software available in the market have a provision for non-cartographer and beginners to create inset map. However, for R users who are into making maps, creating inset map is a bit challenging. Thanks to the post of Pascal Mickelson and Scott Chamberlain which gave users like me a guide on how to create inset map in R using ggplot2. Below is an example of map with inset created using R.


  1. Nice one! Thanks for sharing.

    Something that I've wrangled with once or twice and just gave up on and used QGIS instead.

  2. Thanks.

    I have also one question: Do you know the way to delete the white area around inset map?

  3. Hi Nowgis,

    See the link below: