Sunday, March 2, 2014

Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance (Book Review)

Last November 2013, PACKT Publishing launched the Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance. The book around  which is around 164 pages (including cover page and back pages) discuss the implementation different quantitative methods used in finance using R language . The book consists of nine (9) chapters  cover topics from time series analysis to finance networks.

For individuals with little background in quantitative methods in finance, the theoretical and application discussion in the start of each chapter provided a good overview and basics of the method being discussed. Also, the problem-solution approached used by the authors added practicality on the used of the book for quantitative analysis. However, for individuals (i.e. finance people)  with little R background, the book somehow lacks the basic introduction to the R language and environment commonly found in most R books and tutorials. I think for finance individuals who are R beginners, it will be handy to use this book along with R introductory books/websites (e.g. Instant R, Quick R)